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NewVine Employment Group is a boutique staffing & recruiting agency, whose mission is to completely disrupt the traditional staffing model and maximize your growth!!

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What they say about us?


“I have to say that my experience with NewVine was excellent; they fulfilled all my needs with regards to the service they provide.”

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Benefits of partnering with us!

Improved Productivity

Temporary employees can provide added support to your existing workforce, so your business can become more efficient and productive

Decreased Costs

Utilize our Temporary workers as you need! No need for long-term commitments or huge overhead costs, when working with NewVine Employment Group!

Expand your Flexibility

Unexpected increase in production? New project coming up? A key employee is out on PTO? No worries! Our temp staff can help you stay flexible by fulfilling these last-minute vacancies!


Sometimes you think you found the perfect candidate but just a few days in, it just didn't work out as planned. NewVine's Temp-to-Perm services allow you to “test” out a candidate before making a final hiring decision!

Hassle Free

We simplify the staffing process so you don't have to worry! We take care of: Sourcing, Screening, Time/Attendance, Payroll processing, Payroll tax filing, Workers Comp, Liability Insurance and Health Benefits

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